Let Lary Go!

Let Lary Go

Election Result Confirms Voters Want a Change in Leadership

Port Orchard, December 6, 2011

Contrary to outgoing Mayor Lary Coppola’s claims that he lost his re-election bid due to “blatant lies, half-truths, and innuendo” by his opponents, the truth is that the same voters who elected him by more than 70% four years ago had seen enough. The People for a Better Port Orchard, a citizen’s committee comprised of business owners, taxpayers, families and Port Orchard citizens – some who had supported Coppola just four years ago – simply circulated the facts about his actions and involvement in issues and decisions as Mayor. The sources for these facts, which clearly refuted his claims, were the Kitsap Sun and the City of Port Orchard.

Mayor Coppola had the opportunity to correct these facts when they first appeared in print in the Kitsap Sun over the last years, but failed to do so, and by his silence agreed with their authenticity. It is unfortunate that, when faced with the scrutiny and judgment by those who have had enough of these tactics, he seeks to blame others for his own actions.

The details and source material for the mailers that were sent are available at www.letlarygo.com

Of the original precincts that first elected Mayor Coppola four years ago, not including the newly annexed areas of the City, Coppola’s support shrank from the original 70% to barely 45%. The conclusion is clear – those who have endured these last four years have had enough.

It’s time to move Port Orchard forward.

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